What Filipino bartender think about Korean Soju

It might come as a surprise, but Korean Soju is the most popular alcohol in the world: According to The Spirits Business, Jinro Soju sold 86.3 million cases in 2019—more than any other liquor brand in the world. It’s also very popular in Filipines as well, especially among young people, that like to drink soju on special occasions and on a day-to-day basis. That’s why we decided to find out, what Filipino bartenders think about soju. We gathered answers from bartenders for the most commonly asked questions. So let’s dig in.

What is Soju?

Original soju is produced by distilling spruce or pine needles with the rice, and then topping it with a pine needle tea. As a result, soju has a clean, spicy, and pine finish. It is famous for the green bottle, that it’s sold in.

How did soju become so popular in Filipines?

The craze for everything Korean or “hallyu” come to the Philippines a decade ago with Korean dramas, k-pop, Korean food, and, of course, Korean soju. When it comes to drinking, nothing can beat soju, it is often seen in K-dramas, where main characters are having the time of their lives and celebrate with soju, or drink soju during serious moments to reveal stress. That’s why it’s no wonder that more Pinoys are curious about what it tastes like. Moreover, the price of soju is very affordable, so it’s suitable for any budget.

What is the best way to drink soju?

Original soju comes in a distinct colorless form and clean taste. Thus, it is traditionally consumed neat. When you drink soju clear, it tastes best when chilled to 8-10° C. At this temperature, it is easy to drink and has a very fresh aftertaste. Jinro soju also has a lot of tastes: grapefruit, green grape, plum, strawberry, Chamisul. With its variety of tastes, soju is a perfect base for all kinds of delicious cocktail blends. So if you like to drink neat alcohol fast, or prefer sweet cocktails, you can experiment with Jinro and enjoy it a lot.

What are the most popular cocktails with soju?

Among young people, Soju and Yakult combination is the most popular. It is easy to make at home, has cheap ingredients, and is very sweet. There is also a recent trend for the Soju-Dalgona cocktail, with the coffee base. When it comes to a bar, the Melona-Ju cocktail has a lot of admirers. It is done by pairing Melona ice cream with the fresh soju and Sprite. Another famous cocktail is a mix of two shots of grapefruit soju with pomelo juice and sprite, it is served in a tall glass and looks very cute. Some bartenders are even adding soju to a Bloody Mary.

What food is the best to pair with soju?

Soju ​​would perfectly complement any food, especially Korean food like most Filipinos favorites—samgyeopsal, kimchi, or Korean fried chicken. It goes well with traditional Filipino dishes, like Lechon, sisig, chicken inasal, or crispy pata. Whatever your favorite Filipino food comes to mind, give it a new flavor and partner with Jinro Korean Soju. As well as main course dishes, sweet or salty finger food, and snacks are suitable for soju. Snacks are commonly served with soju in Filipino bars.

If you want to find out more, read about the most popular Korean soju – Jinro at:

When drinking soju with your friends or barkada, make sure that you are already of legal drinking age to buy and drink alcoholic beverages.

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