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MPLIFY 4th Year Anniversary Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner: “A Night of Hope & Amplified Collaboration”

Marketing Agency MPLIFY recently held a thanksgiving party and christmas dinner for its partner brands and select members of the media, bloggers and influencers.

With the theme, “A Night of Hope and Amplified Collaboration” the dinner was held at the upscale PANDAN Asian Cafe located at 76 Scout Limbaga St. Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City.

Mplify is a marketing company established with a good purpose and powered by great passion in helping businesses reach its higher potential and thus amplify the business, and provide business solutions through various marketing strategies. It is spearheaded by its Founder and Managing Director, Miguel Dela Rosa.

The company provides Marketing Services, Media and Blog Relations, Talent and Event Management, Branding and Creatives & Social Media Marketing and Management.

MPLIFY 4th Year Anniversary Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner is sponsored by the following brands: Dreampak Express, Synersign, Round 1, Bioessence PH, DermCare, Jabbre Motocom, Nutri Aces Food Enterprise, Tent King, Tarkie, Nailogy, Browlab Manila, Trueblends, Masuki, Karavision, Puratos Philippines, Karisma ni Maria, Ecosolutions, Danolite, Katialis Philippines, IColor Plus Shampoo-In Hair Color Argan Beauty, Asenso Pinoy TV, Stripit Sugaring, Moonleaf Tea Shop, Kurimi Milk Tea Bar, SweetBlooms Rose Pastillas & Cafe, LotsaPizza and Seagate.

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