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Filipino SME Businesses Seek Growth & Greater Resilience in 2022: SUN LIFE

Two years into the pandemic, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the Philippines are optimistic about future economic and business growth prospects and plan to expand this year. However, many highlight a gap between how well protected they are and the risks they currently face. These were among the findings in the Sun […]

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GLOC-9 Collabs with Grace Cristobal and Achieves Mutual Life Milestones

The creative naturally flows during special occasions. With Gloc-9 celebrating his birthday this October, it is no surprise that a song or two will pop out. However, more than this, it is also more fulfilling to be an instrument of realizing someone else’s dreams. Last August, Gloc-9 came to an agreement with Alkaviva Waters Philippines […]

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Chevron donates Bokashi Pinoy Compost Kits to less fortunate families in Tondo, Manila

Chevron recently held a virtual workshop, Project Bokashi Compost, as part of their Annual Volunteer week. The activity aimed to promote a sustainable lifestyle among its volunteer employees by teaching them to divert food wastes away from landfills and into urban areas where healthy soil can be produced to support local food production. Chevron partnered […]

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Chevron Batangas employees do volunteer work for sea turtles, join International Coastal Cleanup Day 2021

Employees and contractors from Chevron Philippines Inc. or CPI, marketer of Caltex fuels and lubricants, celebrated ‘Volunteer Week’ recently by cleaning up the two-kilometer coastline in San Pascual, which straddles the Chevron Batangas Terminal. The recent cleanup saw a total of 65 volunteers combing the coastline of any trash or debris that could prevent sea […]


SUYO Candles: Handmade with Love! ❤️

The smell of soy wax candles stimulates our limbic system, the part of the brain that is home to our memory & emotions. Hormones like serotonin & dopamine can be produced to help regulate mood. 🔥 Therefore, our emotional state is influenced by the relationship that exists between scents, memories, and emotions! 🕯️ SUYO CANDLES, […]

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AVP Bloggers Party 2021 🎉

AVP Bloggers Party is an annual gathering of bloggers, writers, and influencers. It aims to create new and exciting content that can help brands to get more visibility online. It’s a personal project of Ann Purificacion who is an advocate of helping small, medium, and big businesses. This annual event started as Ready Set Blog […]

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Tips for Seeking Out Government Contracting Opportunities in the Philippines

One of the best ways to expand your business is through business to government (B2G) projects. Through B2G, you can grow both your revenue and your network. Moreover, winning a government contract also gives you more credibility. With increased trust, it will be easier for you to win more B2B and/or B2C clients. If you’re […]