GUIDING LIGHT: an Inspirational, Family-Oriented, Faith-Based Imprint under Lampara Books

Lampara Books has recently launched Guiding Light, a new Philippine imprint that hopes to encourage parents and families to be a good influence on their children’s journey to life. The family-oriented and faith-based imprint aims to promote spiritual formation, values education, emotional growth, and community development through highly entertaining but transformative books written and designed […]

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Vibal Foundation to Launch Púgot: Head Taking, Ritual Cannibalism, & Human Sacrifice in the Philippines

Vibal Foundation, Inc. (VFI) will be launching Narciso C. Tan‘s Púgot: Head Taking, Ritual Cannibalism, and Human Sacrifice in the Philippines at VFI’s monthly virtual tertulia this October. Encyclopedic and analytical in its approach, this scholarly book dissects the ritualized forms of violence such as human sacrifice, ritual cannibalism, and head taking in the prehistoric […]