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Be a Healthier Version of Yourself with “Healthy Fresh Organics” 🌾

The organic food industry is a booming business and it’s not just a fad that will go away soon, because eating and drinking organic is a necessity. Especially now that we are in the middle of the pandemic! Consumers buy organic because they believe it’s better for the environment, even more do so for health-related reasons.

Organic food and drinks has: fewer pesticides and heavy metals; No antibiotics or synthetic hormones; More antioxidants; and organic products can have about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids compared to a non-organic product.

Healthy Fresh Organics is an online organic grocery store that was started back in 2016. It’s where you can find Certified Organic Produce like fruits, vegetables, salads & smoothies, poultry & eggs, meats, wild-caught seafoods delivered to your homes at the click of your fingertips. The items that they sell are mainly sourced from certified organic farms in Benguet.

Order online:

No minimum order requirement! Flexible payment options: Online, Gcash or COD and Delivers within Metro Manila.

Visit their FB Page:

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